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Mercedes de Canalda




Lawyer. Founder and President of ADOPEM ONG. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Women’s World Banking (WWB). Vice-president of Alianza ONG.

Engracia Franjul de Abate



Financial analyst with broad experience in commercial banking, development banking and financial groups.  Secretary of APEC’s Executive Board. Past president of Fundapec’s Board of Directors.  Former president and current vice-treasurer of the Board of Directors of Instituto Cultural Dominico-Americano. Chairman of the Bank’s Auditing Committee and the Committee on Risk, Liquidity and Market.

Engracia A. Mejía Díaz



Lawyer, founding member of ADOPEM ONG, with experience in Bank Laws and Commercial Law.  Member of the Legal Committee. Member of the Lending Committee.

Flavia N. González Guzman



Lawyer, founder  of ADOPEM ONG, , with experience in  commercial banking,  Real Estate Law, and Civil Law. Member of the Legal Committee. Member of the Lending Committee. Member of the Committee on Risk, Liquidity and Market.


Dinorah Polanco Flores



Social work specialist . Founder of ADOPEM ONG. College professor. Vast experience in human resources and pension and retirement plans.  Member of the Portfolio Risk Committee.  



Miguel Fernández



Entrepreneur. Businessman. Rice grower.  President of La Vega Motors. Shareholder and former president of  Cooperativa de Arroceros (rice growers’ cooperative). President of Hormigones Veganos. Member of the American Chamber of Commerce.  Former president of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of La Vega. Former president of Fundeser. Former president of La Vega Country Club, Inc.

Jaime A. Tio Fernández



Accounting specialist with broad experience in the hotel business.  Executive vice-president of Hotel Meliá Santo Domingo. Represents the Vida y Esperanza Foundation  in the Board of Directors.

Juan R. de la Rosa Santana

Supervising Officer


Authorized public accountant. Member of the Committee on Ethics and Professional Qualification of the Authorized Public Accountants Institute of the Dominican Republic.

Has been a member and director of the Internal Auditors Institute of the Dominican Republic, since its foundation.


Also a member of the EDP Auditors Association, of Carol Stream, Illinois, United States of America

Hipócrates Gil

Substitute Supervising Officer


Self-employed authorized public accountant, and municipal employee.


Matilde Castillo
Type of Business:  Manufacture and Sale of Mattresses and Upholstery in General
Ana Ramona Martinez
DOÑA ANA was born in Ocoa, the only daughter of Manuel and Altagracia. When she was 13, she mo...
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